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All images and designs belong to their original creators / companies. Cadavero charges for production of items and delivery, not for the original artwork. If you are the owner of this artwork, you are eligible to request removal. Contact Cadavero via its contact page.
Doomguy Character Card Bundle - Stand, Button, etc.
$2.00 - $3.00 + $0.50 shipping

Custom, handmade printed character bundle featuring the Doom Marine, AKA "Our Hero" from the original 1993 Doom game for DOS. Optionally comes bundled with a sturdy cardstock stand which can be folded for display. Perfect for collectors or enthusiasts with shelves to spare.

  • Printed on matte cardstock for stability and thickness
  • Full color laser printed design, includes multiple body pieces
  • Includes several optional accessories for the main character
  • Includes an optional stand for extra flair (GOLD only)

Product contains:

  • 1 x Papercraft Kit
  • 1 x Papercraft Kit
  • 1 x Stand Printout

The papercraft designs with the bundle DO NOT come pre-cut! Each piece will be shipped in its own segment. Although Cadavero advises the use of a precision knife and ruler or straight-edge for cutting, handheld scissors can be used as well.
+ $0.50 Shipping Fees

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